What is it?

The Bahá’í Community offers an educational program in San Pedro de Alcántara, aimed at all ages, promoting an integral and healthy development in the different stages of life.

The development of this program and associated service projects seeks to contribute to neighborhood unity by fostering a community-building process that facilitates a favorable environment for the empowerment of deeper values, both individually and collectively.

In addition, it seeks to provide effective support for the moral and spiritual education of children and healthy coexistence in the home, encouraging the development of the capacity of young people and adults in the neighborhood to contribute to this process of social transformation.

What do we do?

Children’s classes

For spiritual and character education, which nurture the hearts and minds of children.

Junior Youth Groups

To channel the energies of adolescents towards service and social transformation.

Study circles

For the acquisition of spiritual insights and the development of skills for community service.

What inspires us?

Within a framework of cooperation and reciprocity, we seek to contribute to the material and spiritual progress of our communities. Moved by the will to learn, we strive to generate a process of community building in which spiritual development and efforts to promote the common good are intertwined.

“Consider the human being as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Only education can set free its treasures and enable mankind to benefit from them.”


Who is it for?

Everyone who is willing to participate in this process is welcome. After all, the purpose is to help increase the capacity of more and more people to take charge of their spiritual, social and intellectual development, so that they see themselves as protagonists of their own progress and that of their communities, rather than passive spectators.

Young community leaders often play a central role in promoting these activities.

How can I participate?

If you are interested in participating or collaborating, please contact us for more information about activities and schedules.

All activities are conducted by volunteers and are non-profit. Schedules are set and adjusted based on the availability of facilitators and participants.