Bahá’ís everywhere are engaged in a global learning process that is helping them to develop their capacity to put Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings into practice for the transformation of society. As a contribution to this learning process, the Ruhi Institute conducts research and action in the field in order to develop programmes and materials that enhance the capacity of individuals and communities to serve humanity. Increasing this capacity in individuals can be likened to walking a path of service.

The Ruhi Institute’s main sequence of courses is organized in such a way as to place the individual“…on a path delineated by the experience the community accumulates as it strives to unfold before humanity the vision of the World Order of Bahá’u’lláh.”

“The notion of a path itself indicates the nature and purpose of the courses, for a path invites participation, calls to new horizons, demands effort and movement, accommodates different rhythms and paces, and is structured and defined.”

“A path can be experienced and known not only by one or two, but by a whole host of people, because it belongs to the community.”

“Walking a path is an equally expressive concept. It requires self-will and self-determination; it demands a set of skills and abilities, but it also awakens certain qualities and attitudes; it requires a logical way forward, but admits related exploratory paths when necessary; it may seem simple at first, but later becomes more difficult.”

“And crucially, the person walks the path in the company of others.”