Aware of the current situation in which young people are surrounded by the forces of materialism that push them towards consumerism, in which it is difficult to develop a true identity and find a space to explore their abilities and talents and have fun in a healthy way, the Bahá’í community, after years of experience working with young people, has developed a program that is proving to be very effective in working with this population. Several Bahá’í communities and institutions in the field of socio-economic development are using this program all over the world with amazing results.

This program will help them reflect on what the society around them is like, what forces are at work in it, and what contributions they can make. It will increase their power of expression and their ability to make conscious decisions.

In addition, they will have art, sports, cooperative games, eco-camps, service projects, etc.

Pre-youth meetings – young people between the ages of 11 and 14 – develop spiritual and intellectual skills. The meetings combine learning with service, teaching pre-youth to put spiritual principles into practice in their lives. The program helps them improve their spiritual perception and make good moral decisions.

Youth at this age are at an important part of their lives, where they will make the decisions and form the habits that will have the greatest influence on their character as they grow up. The pre-youth meetings help them understand how they can develop a healthy character through spiritual insight and righteous behavior. The philosophy behind the meetings assumes that young people at this age have great potential, and that even at a young age they can make a valuable contribution to the betterment of the world. The pre-youth meetings help them tap into this potential.

Meetings also help pre-youth develop the power of expression through the arts. Meetings might include singing, drama, crafts, and other art forms that help them understand spiritual principles. The meetings are designed to be appealing to the youth while instilling in them positive values.